Current Activity

As you can imagine almost all of our work is on hold for now, and the impact has been significant.  All of the markets and events that we would have been selling our plants and products at are cancelled, and all of the groups we so enjoy meeting up with are being protected.  We understand all of this and are adapting as best we can, while we look forward to meeting up with them again.  One of the biggest changes we have made is to the new project we were about to launch.

Cultivating Memories

"Cultivating Memories" has been funded by the National Lottery and was due to start in April.  Originally we were going to be taking vintage gardening tools and seed catalogues etc into our groups and using some memory prompt cards to start a reminiscence session all about gardening over the last 80 years or so.  As this is not possible we did some quick thinking and produced some garden memory boxes.


These contain a set of the memory prompt cards that we have created, along with a scrapbook for recording the stories and any photographs that are being gathered. There are some pens and seeds just to add some colour. They are being sent out to care homes throughout Lancashire and the aim is to collate the findings into one book and a travelling exhibition, so that 'once this is all over' we can visit every home and take the exhibition to them.

In addition, scrapbooks and prompt cards are being sent out to individuals living in Lancashire who request one, again with the aim of bringing their stories into the mix.  It is so important that we gather this heritage before it is lost.

If you are interested in a pack either for yourselves or for a care home (I am afraid we only have funding for Lancashire addresses at the moment, we are working hard on expanding this) please do contact us.

Markets and Events

When things return to normal we will have a listing of all the opportunities to come and buy our plants and nature homes.

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