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Who we are

Our History

Hello, I always think it is nice to put a face to a project, unless it is mine!  I am Donna and I have been a Horticultural Therapist for 20 years now.  I have had the pleasure to work alongside so many groups and communities from Reading in Berkshire to most of Lancashire.

I love the work I do, and rarely can I justify calling it work.  Rosemary and Time is a social enterprise that I started in 2019, having run both community gardens and group specific horticultural therapy projects.  While our 'history' barely qualifies as history, the work we have been carrying out is based on two decades of experience.  

When I set up Rosemary and Time the plan was, and indeed still is, to work with lots of different groups of people.  Our first two years has involved a lot of work with older people, in particular those living with dementia and their loved ones.  We will continue to develop this work, as well as expanding out into more community groups, hospices, and people living with any form of challenge that impacts upon their life.

Already we have worked alongside a number of national organisations such as the Alzheimer's Society, Age Concern and Age UK as well as many small, local organisations.  Our work has taken place across much of Lancashire, and soon we have recently expanded into Cumbria.  More importantly, I have had the honour to meet so many great people, all with stories to tell, a joke to make me laugh and very often, a piece of advice on life and how to embrace it.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is very simple.  Gardening and nature in general rock!  We all know just how much pleasure there is to be gained from engaging with or simply observing the natural world, and we passionately believe that this is something absolutely anyone can enjoy and be part of.  

We also believe that in order to make sure our services are available for as long as they are needed, we need to be as financially sustainable and independent as possible.  That is why we are a social enterprise.  We are developing ways to earn as much of our income as we can by providing value for money plants and gifts, training courses to share our skills with others, and indeed by charging a small fee for some of our services.  Naturally, throughout 2020 we faced similar challenges to the rest of the country and felt very blessed to be able to carry on our work throughout the whole year.  

We will always need some grant funding, and are incredibly grateful to those organisations that help us. 


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